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Alcohol, drugs and gambling


In non-Western culture, addiction is a bigger taboo than in the Netherlands. Did you develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol? You then have feelings of:

  • guilt
  • shame
  • failure

Throughout the centuries, people have used substances such as alcohol and drugs to feel good, fit or on the other hand very relaxed. This is caused by the 'reward system' in our brains. Are you doing something fun? Then your brain produces certain substances that make you feel good. Think of falling in love or scoring when playing football.

Dependent on alcohol and drugs

Your brain also produces these substances when you use alcohol or drugs for example. With an addiction, your brain is 'hijacked' and is literally sent into the wrong path; that of more alcohol and drugs. This influences your life to the extent that it is at the cost of relationships, work or school. That is why addiction is a real illness and not a question of a lack of discipline.

Addiction may develop because you may have other mental problems which cause you to drink more or use more drugs. You may not feel happy in your own environment or associate with "wrong" friends.

Ask for help

As you have become dependent, stopping by yourself is difficult. Without help you suffer physical and mental symptoms when you stop. Register at i-psy for assistance.