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Homesickness after migration


Away from the familiar smells, colours and language. Homesickness after migration does not always disappear by itself. It can be persistent and cause melancholy, sadness and fears. This happened to Ibrahim.

Five years ago, Ibrahim came to the Netherlands to start a new life. He soon noticed that he was different. He had trouble with the language and manners.  They were so unlike those he was used to. He had to accept a lower position than the one he had in his home country. Ibrahim felt stuck between two worlds and longed to return.

Ibrahim was ill with homesickness

Ibrahim became afraid, uncertain, depressed and isolated and couldn't function in the new environment. Nobody understood him. You may recognize yourself in Ibrahim's situation.

Homesickness: melancholy, sadness and anxiety

Migration is a drastic event. You leave behind everything that is familiar: your trusted environment, familiar people, your language and the obvious way of living. At the same time, you need to familiarize yourself with a new, unknown environment, other people with their language and way of living. Homesickness is a feeling that doesn't disappear by itself.