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Djinns and spirits: how we help you


We are unable to 'chase away' djinns and spirits.  Together with you we discuss what has weakened you and made you vulnerable. Then we look for appropriate solutions. During your treatment, you will also learn how to handle anxiety and unusual images. That way, we make you stronger so you can better resist djinns or ghosts.

Your treatment

The exact content of the treatment depends on your specific situation and problems. Your treatment may consist of:

  • individual discussions
  • family discussions
  • group therapy
  • relaxation exercises
  • medication
  • creative therapy is sometimes part of the treatment
  • a combination of the above

Your treatment  starts with an extensive examination. Together with you we discuss your symptoms and in which moments and in which situations they occur.  We look at:

  • the severity of the complaints
  • what these problems mean to you and your family
  • which steps you or your family have already taken

Sometimes, it is important to involve one or more family members in this examination and your further treatment. During the treatment we also discuss things that have made you vulnerable:

  • events
  • developments
  • circumstances

In consultation with you and, if necessary, your family, we look for appropriate solutions. Moreover, during your treatment, you learn skills to overcome your anxiety and unusual experiences.

Who are our specialists?

Working at i-psy are:

  • clinical psychologists
  • healthcare psychologists
  • psychotherapists
  • system therapists
  • psychiatrists
  • doctors

Based on your symptoms we determine who is involved in your treatment and we take your religion, culture and language into consideration.

How long will the treatment take?

The treatment duration is not predetermined and depends on your unique situation. Often, the treatment takes at least six months.