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Trauma; do I have that?


The symptoms vary from one person to the next. Symptoms occurring after a traumatic experience. You

  • have nightmares and anxious dreams about the event
  • keep reliving the event
  • do not want to talk about the event
  • want to forget (parts of) the event
  • think that the world has changed
  • are emotionally numb 
  • avoid situations that remind you of the trauma

In addition, the following problems and symptoms occur:

  • trouble sleeping or sleeping a lot
  • fears, feelings of guilt, powerlessness
  • trouble concentrating 
  • startling easily or panic attacks
  • aggressive outbursts or extremely retained anger
  • melancholy
  • physical complaints
  • very weak self-image
  • work very hard to forget
  • over-concerned regarding the children
  • alcohol or drug use

Have you been having these symptoms for more than a month? Then you may have a post-traumatic stress disorder. i-psy specializes in intercultural care. We help you while taking your language and culture into consideration.