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Trauma and migration


Migration (going to live permanently in another country) may be a voluntary but also a forced decision. In case of forced migration, people flee for example from war and other violence.

An assault, battery, burglary, the death of a family member or a war. These are all drastic events that turn your life upside down. Sometimes for a brief period and sometimes for the rest of your life.

Some people come to grips with a 'traumatic' experience themselves. But you may not succeed in taking up every life again. Anxiety and powerlessness keep coming back. You may develop psychological and physical symptoms.

Traumas occur in:

  • people who have run from war situations or political circumstances
  • witnesses of shocking events
  • family members of traumatized people
  • war victims

Are you migrating to a foreign country? In that case it is harder to deal with a trauma. The trauma may worsen due to:

  • language barriers
  • cultural differences
  • unclear residency status
  • uncertain future perspectives
  • homesickness
  • feeling discriminated
  • loss of status

We see that, without help, people cannot deal with the trauma.