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Assistance for symptoms caused by homesickness after migration


Do you, as a migrant, show symptoms that are caused by homesickness? i-psy can help you. We take your language and cultural background into consideration.

Your treatment

The treatment usually starts with a range of 5 discussions* and may consist of:

  • individual discussions
  • family discussions
  • group therapy
  • relaxation exercises
  • medication
  • creative therapy is sometimes part of the treatment
  • a combination of the above

Psychologists and doctors will help you. Together with you they look for solutions,  taking the things you want and can handle into consideration.

Treatment of homesickness and your family

We involve your family in the treatment. That way, we increase:

  • understanding
  • support from your environment
  • recovery options together with or with the help of your family

With this work method i-psy sets itself apart from other mental healthcare institutions.

More information?

Please contact an i-psy branch in your area.

*depending on your insurance policy