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Help during addiction


You are free to talk to our social workers regarding problems with alcohol or drug use, but also if you are being treated by us for another problem.

Brijder, expert in care of addicts supports our social workers with the treatment of addiction.  Specialized social workers from these two organizations help you overcome your addiction.

The treatment of your addiction

The treatment often consists of:

  • behavioural therapy
  • group therapy
  • a 12-step plan

Do you want to kick the habit? Then a short admission is sometimes required. Of course we will first consult with you. Sometimes, a long-term admission (rehabilitation) is necessary in one of the rehabilitation clinics of the Parnassia Group.

Psychotherapy, admission or group therapy

First, you will have an extensive examination consisting of a consultation with an i-psy social worker. You may also have to do all kinds of tests to establish your problem. If the result is that you have addiction problems the treatment shall start with support of Brijder and you will have a consultation with a Brijder social worker.

Together with you we draw up a treatment plan and discuss which treatment suits you best. Then the treatment will start: individual psychotherapy or group therapy. In addition, there are possibilities to receive clinical treatment. You will then learn how to end your addiction for good.

Who are our specialists?

Working at i-psy are:

  • clinical psychologists
  • healthcare psychologists
  • psychotherapists
  • system therapists
  • psychiatrists
  • doctors

Based on your symptoms we determine who will be involved in your treatment.

Treatment duration

The treatment duration is not predetermined and depends on your unique situation. Often, the treatments take at least six months.